Thursday, February 21, 2013

A salty night was had by all!

Just thought to post a couple of images from the launch of The Silver Darlings at the excellent Gosh! Comics last Friday evening.

Gosh! The Silver Darlings launch - City Shanty Band

The band of fellows above are The City Shanty Band. Whilst their experience at sea may be limited, their shanties were an unforgettable part of the evening and drew many an intrigued wanderer-by into the shop.

Gosh! The Silver Darlings launch - Signing

This here is the very first book of the night I signed. More accurately this is the "illustration" of a robot unicorn I scrawled across the poor young man pictured's sketchbook. You can see more robo-corns at the Robot Unicorn Tumblr.

Gosh! window design

Exhibit C is the original design for the painting destined for Gosh!'s windows and below is the window emblazoned.

Gosh! final window painting

This was considerably easier than the Nelson window painting I worked on, always at the mercy of the Posca pens. Gosh!'s rich supply of colours even allowed me to top the character's dome with a crown of ginger.

All that remains to be said is a huge thank you to Gosh!, The City Shanty Band, Tunnock's (for their exquisite Caramel Logs), Blank Slate Books and of course to all the hardy souls that come along on the night.

Thank you!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Launching the Silver Darling - Gosh! Comics, 15th Feb, 7-9pm

I'm starting to run thin on sea-faring puns to tie in with references to my book The Silver Darlings, which launches at London's incomparable Gosh! Comics on Friday 15 February. This post's title refers to the fishing boat at the heart of the book, the Silver Darling, and deserves little more explanation than that.

The folk at Gosh! and especially Tom Oldham of Beserker Magazine and Breakdown Press have been really supportive of the book, for which I'm very grateful. This all kicked off with an exclusive bookplate edition of 200 (pictured below), which is still available free with every copy of the book bought at Gosh!

 Gosh bookplate final_web 

Next up is the launch itself. Details are on the flyer below.

I'm currently working on a design for the shop's window and on the night there will be an exhibition of original art whilst I merrily sign and sketch in copies of The Silver Darlings. 

Of course no launch would be complete without a a wee drink for all those that come along and what's more Caramel Logs (as rare as hen's teeth south of the border) are being generously laid on by Tunnock's. If you want to discover the secret behind Tunnock's Caramel Logs listen to the ad at this link (NB: No dragons are harmed in the making of Tunnock's Caramel Logs).

Finally, the salt-crust that will lend the evening a truly nautical flavour is a performance from Hackney's own City Shanty Band. I'll leave you with one of their numbers and hope to see you on the night!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Standing on the shoulders of giants

I've recently treated myself to the opportunity to draw characters created by a couple of beacons of UK comics, Glyn Dillon and Warwick Johnson Cadwell...

Nao of Brown fan art

Nao Brown - Glyn's book is totally unique, utterly absorbing and beautifully, beautifully drawn. But don't take my word for it, take the word of the Angouleme Festival judging panel who awarded it the Prix Sp├ęcial du Jury.

Warwick Johnson Cadwell's Hunch Parsons

Hunch Parsons - Shrouded in mystery it seems Hunch may take a little while to surface. Thankfully we can console ourselves with Warwick's upcoming run on Tank Girl and Dangeritis his web-comic based game of tag with the equally excellent Robert Ball.